Sins passively monitors the Everquest session on another computer on the same network segment displaying information not provided by the Everquest client. Sins also provides the ability to monitor and alert you to certain conditions taking place in the game.

Sins is desgined for the Linux operating system and does not run on windows.


I carefully tested both Sins and ShowEQ and these were the results. Tests were performed on a Celeron 800/512M/TNT1 and Mandrake 8.1.

CPU Utilization:
Sins 9.5%
ShowEQ 24%

Memory Usage:
Sins 4.8M
ShowEQ 5.9M

Sins, which stands for "Sins is not SEQ" was originally based on SEQ and heavily modified/rewritten by the very talented Ahminus. It's now shoddily maintained by some guy named Malakin.

Malakin, 2002-02-22